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Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport


Projects at XNA for which MCE has provided services include:

  • General Aviation Taxilane (1,185’ L x 175’ W)

  • Terminal Apron Expansion (67,400 SY)

  • Taxiway “G” (650’ L x 125’ W)

  • Taxiway “J” (1,000’ L x 75’ W)

  • Cargo Apron (20,700 SY)

  • Landside Parking Facility (1,500 Acres)

  • Alternate Landing Surface/Taxiway A

  • Concourse Addition

McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc., in conjunction with Kimley-Horn, provided construction administration services for the new west side parallel taxiway designed to serve as both a taxiway and as an alternate landing surface when repairs to the existing runway  at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) become necessary in the immediate future. MCE provided construction observation and quality assurance materials testing including soils, base, concrete, cement treated base, paving and electrical for the XNA Alternate Landing Surface, which measures 100 feet wide by 8,800 feet long. The approximate cost of the project is $32 million.

MCE also provided structural inspection services of the reinforcing steel and post-tensioning system, as well as material testing of the concrete on the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Concourse Addition which opened to the public in August 2011. The elevated concourse addition contains nine gates with a 50,244 square foot footprint. Special inspections performed by the McClelland firm  include construction and utility inspection. MCE is also performing foundation/footing testing, bearing inspection/testing and density testing. Approximate project cost is $18 million.

MCE has been involved with Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport since the airport’s inception.  In 1990, when to some the NWA Regional Airport was only a dream, the McClelland firm provided a cost estimate for what would eventually become a $110 million project following a 1991 feasibility study which MCE assisted in conducting. Since this time, our firm in association with Kimley-Horn, has remained involved with the airport and its improvements. MCE has served as the local liaison with airport officials, as well as providing field surveys, geotechnical investigations, construction observation and construction materials/quality assurance testing.


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