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Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Wastewater collection systems, networks of pipes, pump stations and other associated equipment, convey sewage from its point of origin to a point of treatment and disposal. Wastewater collection systems transport sanitary and industrial wastewater, storm water, irrigation water and infiltration/inflow. MCE has experience providing services along all stages of wastewater collection and treatment, and we are committed to improving and designing wastewater collection and treatment systems that meet standards established by state and federal regulatory agencies and improve in-stream water quality.

The McClelland firm is routinely asked to assess the performance of wastewater treatment plants in regards to their operating permits. We always present solutions considering both short- and long-term needs and expectations, as well as the economical value of each solution. We have experience in the rehabilitation of existing treatment facilities, and our designers retrofit and repurpose equipment when a positive cost:benefit ratio in terms of short-term and long-term life cycle costs can be achieved. We also consider options to operate biologically, chemically or with a combination of processes to ensure that the most environmentally sounds and cost-effective treatment occurs.

The McClelland wastewater team is committed to giving you the most accurate information available. We endeavor to provide feasible solutions and are willing to take on all necessary work to help you operate your plant in the most effective and efficient manner.


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