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Water Treatment & Distribution

Water distribution systems, comprised of pipes, pumps, valves, storage tanks and reservoirs, meters, fittings and other hydraulic accessories, carry potable water from a water treatment plant or well source to consumers’ taps. In addition to providing safe, clean water for consumption and other activities (such as sanitary service) to residential and commercial customers, another major function of water distribution systems is to provide adequate standby fire flow. Successful water distribution systems maintain adequate storage to meet all of these major functions and keep the time between treatment at the plant and consumer use to a minimum to reduce the possibility of contamination of the finished water via the distribution system.

After treatment, finished water is carried by water transmission lines which operate under a pressure head established by pumping, in relatively flat terrain, or by gravitation potential, possible in steep terrain. One of the greatest mistakes in designing transmission and distribution lines is made when the lines are sized too small. This prevents easy upgrade of water systems and often requires new, larger diameter pipes to be laid. MCE evaluates current and future needs by completing advanced hydraulic studies to determine anticipated demands. Considerations include population projections, topography of the pipe route, pump station necessity, number of end users (both current and future), as well as the budget/funding available to construct the project.

The McClelland firm regularly provides professional services related to water treatment and water distribution systems for municipal clients large and small. Although treatment processes for potable water vary considerably, a common need is a properly sized treatment facility capable of handling current and anticipated demands. We design water treatment facilities taking into consideration expansion probabilities and current health regulations, as well as anticipated revisions to the Safe Drinking Water Act. To stay abreast of regulatory changes, we emphasize continuing education for our staff and keep in regular contact with officials at regulatory agencies.

Our experience includes projects that have involved new water treatment plants, water treatment plant expansions and rehabilitations, water transmission lines, high service and booster pumping stations, elevated and ground storage reservoirs and hydraulic modeling for numerous water systems which serve customer bases both large and small.


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